The Integration and API platform to build automated workflows.

Quickwork gives you the tools and guidance to build any workflow automation in minutes and the ability to go live in a week

A unified platform for those who want to do more with APIs


Integrated with 1,000s of apps

Choose from 1,000s of business, consumer, AI, analytics, IOT and messaging apps to create any automated workflow you can imagine!

Integration Management
API Management

Build APIs in minutes

Create, secure, manage & publish APIs at the speed of thought. Quickwork allows you to convert any workflow into a RESTful API in a few clicks.


Engage with users, wherever they are

Connect your apps to your preferred messaging channel such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and more to offer custom conversational experiences to your users via a chatbot or human support.

Conversation Management

Something for everyone

Customer and user journeys differ for everyone. Our platform is flexible enough to pave the path that’s best for you

Journeys by App

Filter through use cases by selecting an app



Facebook Messenger

Quickwork Chat




Zoho CRM

Google Cloud Vision








Lead enrichment and filtering

Capture leads through various mediums, enrich the lead from multiple external sources, qualify them using business rules and engage with the customer; all with one seamless workflow.

Messaging Platform

Enrichment Tool

Marketing Tool


A business card to proposal in 60 seconds

Convert a business card into an enriched lead in your CRM and send a personalised proposal though a messaging channel.

Messaging Platform

Enrichment Tool



Customer onboarding with identity verification

Capture customer information on a messaging platform, verify the customer identity using several external sources, and store them in your CRM.

Messaging Platform

Identity Management


Quickwork is a power packed tool with tons of features, yet being simple and elegant on the front that non developers too can use it.
Madanlal Arora,
Engineering Lead
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