Innovative, built with integrity, fuelled by automation

We help individuals and organisations to get on the automation path quickly!

Who We Are

A technology company based in Mumbai, India; with a vibrant and young team guided by experienced business leaders, creating a rapidly growing global footprint.

What We Do

Our automation builder platform helps integrate multiple systems and applications in one place, making it easy for anyone to setup automations quickly.

How We Work

Our event-based, DIY and low/zero code automation builder tool enables any user to design, setup and integrate custom workflows, with ease and speed.

Why We Help

We are driven by our vision to make automation simple, accessible, and affordable for millions of users all over the world.
The people behind Quickwork

Meet our Leadership Team, who drive Quickwork and propel us to new heights, everyday.

Dr. Milind R. Agarwal

Founder & CEO | Business Team

Deepak Bhatia

Co-founder | Business Team

Omkar Sathe

Co-founder | Operations Team

Krish Advani

Co-founder | Technology Team

Preeti Joshi

Talent Team

Kiran Tawari

Business Team

Madhur Kaup

CISO | Product Team

Mala Yeasmin

Business Team

Amit Kawadiwale

Product Team

Pareeta Shah

Business Team

Rajnish Kucheria

Technology Team

Mitusha Arya

Product Team

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